The Onboarding Process

So what is it like to become a client?

During our first contact, I ask a little about your business and plan how I can help you. Based on this, I will do some research to get a better understanding of your business and industry. Then we will schedule a discovery call, where I can learn even more about your business and you can learn about me and my business.

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Goals & Plans

During this call we will establish goals for the work I will be doing with you. I prefer to use S.M.A.R.T. goals, and we will discuss this more during that time.

Next, we will work on a general plan to reach each of your goals. This will be the beginning of a list of tasks I will be working on for you. We will also discuss any challenges you foresee in executing these plans.


Then we will work on timelines for each of these steps in the plan. This will take into account not only what we will be working on together, but how my work fits in with the rest of your business plan to make sure everything flows well.

Marketing History

Depending on the work we will be doing together, I also like to discuss your current and past marketing efforts, what has worked and what hasn’t. Establishing your market and your customers is an important part of any marketing process, and it helps to see the bigger picture of what we’ll be working on.

Communication Plans

Last, I like to establish how and when we will be communicating, as well as who I may be communicating with. Perhaps I need to submit invoices to someone specific, but completed assignments need to go to someone else. Knowing this before we begin will save a lot of time and be more efficient.

If we are a good fit and you are ready to start working with me as your virtual marketing assistant, I will send you a welcome letter and contract. I will also recap notes from our meeting and my understanding of the tasks I am to work on and how success will be measured. 

Let’s Get Started!

After contracts are signed and initial payments have been made, we can begin work!